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    Fresh & Saltwater Fishing

    Rent OUR CAPTAIN and The SUBRON 22…. Fishing, Touring, Camping, Dolphin Tours, History Tours,Crab Island, Choctawhatchee Bay Tours…….









     We offer Freshwater and Saltwater fishing in many arenas. We have unguided, guided and/or charter service for your fishing adventure.


    7.66lb. Flounder

    7.66lb. Flounder



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    Outdoor Adventure Services LLC offers off-shore gulf fishing out of the East Pass of Destin charter service.


    This Gulf fishing trip consist of catching all types of fish and having a good time doing it.  Some popular species are red snapper, spanish macarel, king macarel, red fish, catfish, pompano, whiting, flounder and sometimes cobia.

     Our Gulf fishing trips are half day and full day for 6 people. This includes license, tackle, bait, ice, and assistance in learning to catch fish.


    Outdoor Adventure Services LLC offers inshore fishing charter service in the Choctawhachee Bay and surrounding waters.


    We will most definitely have a good time chasing the Red Fish and Speckle Trout in the bay and bayous. There is a great variety of fish in the Choctawhatchee Bay. You may even want to try some inshore bottom wreck fishing to see what we pull up. You may choose to do a little cast netting in our bay for our very well know Mullet.  You may wish to stop and get wet at some point and/or even take a little break from fishing and visit our very well know party hot spot “Crab Island” fun for the entire family.  You may choose to order a pizza while on the water covered island or enjoy a nice cold ice cream cone. You may choose to pull up to the dock of many restaurants along our bay for lunch. In any case weather you choose to fish hard, play hard, or somewhere in between while on our bay. I do see you and yours having one heck of a day to remember.



    Outdoor Adventure Services LLC offers Freshwater Fishing Guide Service.

    Florida has some of the best bass fishing anywhere and an abundant of wildlife to go along with it.

    Our local area river is the Choctawhatchee River which offers a very large variety of fish and wildlife. The Choctawhatchee River has many sloughs and backwater areas including creeks and springs.  It is a very large river and has so much to offer the freshwater fisherman. There is so much to see on this waterway. This beautiful waterway that spills into the Choctawhatchee Bay and from there the bay has the intercoastal waterway  running to Panama City to the east and Pensacola to the west and of course the Choctawhatchee Bay spills into the Gulf of Mexico at the very well know East Pass in Destin Florida.

    Let us guide you on your next freshwater fishing trip weather its Bass, Brem, Crappie, Catfish, and lets not forget to run a trout line or two. Where we load our hooks with those great river cats. We also offer one of the wildest fishing trips you can experience on the river,,,, lets go frogging! What a blast! The craziest fishing experience in the night you will most likely ever have…….


     We offer many other areas for freshwater fishing. Guided,semi guided, unguided and some lodging and camping available.

    ***** All licence and permits are not included in any Freshwater Fishing pricing.




    We have local guides and captains that will do everything  they can to first ensure your safety, and second work hard to make your day a great day on the water.

    Captain Edmine ” Wernher” Ryals has been living in the bay area all his life and has made a living in these waters at one time or another. He is very familiar and at home in these waters. Although safety is his first and foremost concern. Captain “Wernher” will go the extra mile every time to ensure you have a wonderful and memorable day.  Read more on Captain Edmine “Wernher” Ryals on the about us page.


    Remember we are a customization company. Let us know what you want and let us put the package together for you.




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