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    Waiting on BuckLiv checking Uncle Warren's Trail Cams for him.


    jw deer IMG_2341 Doe Day

                 HUNTING SEASON IS HERE!!!!

    ****Reserve our River Camp house and/or your Hunts now for 2015-2016 hunting season.


    We have many hunting Packages available from hunting our local Northwest Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast hunting areas to hunting packages in other states such a Texas and Kansas. If you are interested in hunting here in the Northwest Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast or you would like to go elsewhere we are the ones to travel with in either case.

    Here at home in Northwest Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast we have all kinds of different opportunities for Whitetail Hunting, Hog Hunting, Turkey Hunting, and more. Weather your choose the Gun, Bow,  or Muzzleloader or weather your choose dog hunting or still hunting. You want to be in a tree or on the ground. You want to be in a boat or on the hill. You want to  hunt out of  the truck or deep in the woods. Outdoor Adventure Services can make that happen for you.

    Our packages can be customized to fit your needs in most situations. 

    Just let us know what you want and we will work hard to arrange. Below are some of our more common packages…IMG_3766


    Our Big Game hunts here around Northwest Florida Panhandle start at $100 per day per person for semi-guided still hunting on public management areas. Our management areas are loaded with wildlife, such as whitetail deer and wild hogs. We do not lack in the Turkey department either. Spring Turkey Season is a blast around these parts.


    No matter what you want to hunt or where. We can help in your travel and planning. Also remember for our local area primitive private camping, don’t forget to check out OUR SPOT (See more info on OUR SPOT on our camping page).

    See Below some Small Game Beginner Hunter Trip Ideas:

    Our squirrel and small game hunting day trips are some of the funnest hunts you and your beginning hunter can be on. We offer day trips as well as overnight.  We have guided and semi guided river trips which are a total blast. Younger and beginner hunters really enjoy these hunt for they are generally packed with action.

    These river trips are guided by boat and have abundant wildlife to be seen. The small game hunts which include the taken of wild hogs can be very rewarding. We do also have squirrel hunts that are offered in the forest where no boat is required.

    These hunts can be guided and semi guided by river boat in most cases.

    1 day  River  Squirrel and/or Small Game $150 for one adult person and one under 16 years old.  After that each under age is $50 and each addition Adult is $75…..this is a great time and great experience for all.


    We do also have squirrel hunts that are offered in the woods where no boat is required. These hunts start around $100. One adult and One under 16 package starts at $100 per day. Each additional under 16 is $35 and additional Adult is $50 per day. Again this is out of river out of boat hunts for small game.

    Guided, Semi guided and unguided river bank camping is also a favorite during squirrel /small game. We can customize most any type of hunt/camp trip you would like to do. See can also see more camping ideas on our camping page.


    The CAMP HOUSE Weekend Hunting Package:

    We have squirrel/small game river weekend hunt with our camp house included . The Camp House has 2 bedroom, live room,  washer, dryer, stove, oven, microwave,etc.  Fish cleaning table and skinning rack. Hunt/Fish and enjoy.   2 nights and 2 days……  No food included.  No guide. No boat. $75 per day. With semi guided hunting trip which includes boat for 2 days, up to 4 hunter add $150 per day. ( This package is on the river based out of the camp house boat ramp.) Reserve now for 2015-2016hunting season.


    OUR SPOT Private Land Squirrel Hunting Package:

    We offer only 6 of these guided 1/2 day hunts per season so reserve now.

    This hunt is located in wooded area on private land between Freeport and Niceville. This hunt is $100 for 1/2 day for 1 adult and 1 under 16 hunter. Can have one additional under 16 hunter for $35 additional.

    This OUR SPOT beggining hunter hunt is a very special hunt. It is a hunt that you can walk along and instill gun lessons and hunting ethics in your young hunter.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any packages you may have in mind.


    ****All license and permits are not included in any of these packages…



    We will guide your hunt or just assist you in preparation for your hunt. We guide on many lands in the Northwest Florida Area. We do introduce many newcomers to the sport and area by just simply showing hunting areas and helping to understand different rules and regulations as we can. We have river deer hunts by boat as well as land bound squirrel hunts form the beginner level to skilled adult hunter.  We guide locally here and abroad, such as Oklahoma Whitetail, Colorado Mule Deer, or maybe you interested in a South Florida hog hunt. We are an Outdoor Services Company so just let us know what you want and we will work to make that happen.





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